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Hi! I'm from the UK and my favourite things at the moment are Downton Abbey, Thor and the Avengers, The Hunger Games, Merlin and Doctor Who.

Links Some of my favourite ships include Mary and Matthew from Downton Abbey, Sif and Loki from Thor, Peeta and Katniss from The Hunger Games, Amy and Rory from Doctor Who and Snow White and William from Snow White and the Huntsman.

I’ll mainly be posting about my favourite shows and ships, and any other random things I like the look of!

AU Everlark Fanfics

hawthornhedge replied to your post “AU Everlark Fanfics”: I second The Greatest Sacrifices-emotionally VERY difficult (for me at least) but written well. I like her canon-compliant “Baby Steps” too. Will ponder more: Panem fics are kind of rare.
allies-person answered to your post “AU Everlark Fanfics”: The Greatest Sacrifice by Ronja.

Thanks for the recommendation guys, I’ll definitely go find that one!

I do tend to find a lot of AUs which are set in a more current day world than Panem, or are post Mockingjay. That’s great of course, but I just really love the idea of a Catching Fire set AU.

So thanks a lot for the recommendation. :-)

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Sif/Loki Fanfic Recommendations?

foreverfrostandwar answered to your post “Sif/Loki Fanfic Recommendations?”: You can check my page here, most of the sifki fics there are new ones and everything is tagged :D
Thanks for the link, I will definitely be checking those out. ;-)
asleepymonster answered to your post “Sif/Loki Fanfic Recommendations?”: Kingsverse:
Oh, I remember hearing good stuff about that series. Will definitely check that one out too. :-)

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Sif/Loki Fanfic Recommendations?

@dlozart said: Psychoticgirl has awesome fanfic recommendations. Sifki of any and every subject take a look.

Yep, I’ve seen these fic lists and there are some awesome ones on there. I’m kinda craving movieverse based ones at the moment though, so I’m hoping I can get some specific stories. :-)

@calmtempest answered: the monster- maniacallyLoveable. The most heart wrenchingly painful story I’ve read.

LOL! I finished reading The Monster the other night and yes, it is definitely heart wrenching! I needed a good few fluffy fics after that!

@rodlox answered: Anything by Murdur, Coffeesuperhero, Ala. From there, look through their bookmarks.

I think I’ve read most of theirs, but I’ll definitely go and check if I’ve missed any!

Thanks for the recs. I hope I don’t sound too fussy or cheeky, but the Loki/Sif feels have rather addled my brain!

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Anonymous asked: In answer to your Loki/Sif fic question: Bleed To Love Her by SidheMail and Little Favors by NeverMindtheName are two of my favorites.

Thanks anon!

I’ve read the Bleed To Love Her one, but not the Little Favours, so I’ll definitely check that one out.


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Sif/Loki Fanfic Recommendations?

So, I’m on such a fanfic binge at the moment and I’d love to know what people’s favourite Sif/Loki fanfics are.

I’d love some recommendations, though I’m a canon kinda girl, so preferably ones set within the movie universe - pre/post or during and post Thor 1 AUs.

I’ve read a lot of the earlier fanfics for this ship, but there’s so many of them now (YAY!) and in so many places, that I’m sure I’ve missed some.

#Just suffering from Loki/Sif feels at the moment #They’re just too perfect #I just can’t with this ship #ok #So need fic recs to help #Pretty please?

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AU Everlark Fanfics

So, I really feel like reading an Everlark AU fanfic where Snow does end up making them getting married in the time frame of Catching Fire.

Anyone know any good ones? I don’t mind whether the Quarter Quell still happens or not.

#I’m on a fanfic binge at the moment #And I’ve always been curious of the AU where Snow actually does make them get married #And how they’d’ve coped with that. #So suggestions, pretty please?

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And then he gives me a smile that just seems so genuinely sweet with just the right touch of shyness that unexpected warmth rushes through me.

Can I just say, I think that’s one of my favourite lines of the whole entire trilogy.

I don’t get why it’s not used more often in the Everlark fandom, because it shows so, so well how early on Katniss was attracted to Peeta.

And it’s just so adorably cute of Peeta to do - and a rare insightful moment from Katniss.

And can I just add, Josh NAILS IT in the films.

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The Kingmakers Daughter

So finally finished reading The Kingmakers Daughter by Phillipa Gregory and it was good. In fact, I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. I was surprised by how different it was to the TV show though, The White Queen, and I think the book is much more historically accurate.

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Captain America

So, Captain America: The Winter Soldier was all kinds of epic and amazingness. I think I loved it almost (almost!) as much as the Thor films.

But darn you Marvel and your intriguing endings and tidbits of other films and making me HAVE to watch the next films RIGHT NOW! Only I can’t, because you haven’t made them yet!

#Too cruel! #The Marvel movieverse is just getting so epically big #And I wanna know how it all fits together

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#Just add in the bit where I realise I need to actually go to work now! #And then the trying not to fall asleep at the desk at work!


#Just add in the bit where I realise I need to actually go to work now! #And then the trying not to fall asleep at the desk at work!

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