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Hi! I'm from the UK and my favourite things at the moment are Downton Abbey, Thor and the Avengers, The Hunger Games, Merlin and Doctor Who.

Links Some of my favourite ships include Mary and Matthew from Downton Abbey, Sif and Loki from Thor, Peeta and Katniss from The Hunger Games, Amy and Rory from Doctor Who and Snow White and William from Snow White and the Huntsman.

I’ll mainly be posting about my favourite shows and ships, and any other random things I like the look of!

The Kingmakers Daughter

So finally finished reading The Kingmakers Daughter by Phillipa Gregory and it was good. In fact, I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. I was surprised by how different it was to the TV show though, The White Queen, and I think the book is much more historically accurate.

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Captain America

So, Captain America: The Winter Soldier was all kinds of epic and amazingness. I think I loved it almost (almost!) as much as the Thor films.

But darn you Marvel and your intriguing endings and tidbits of other films and making me HAVE to watch the next films RIGHT NOW! Only I can’t, because you haven’t made them yet!

#Too cruel! #The Marvel movieverse is just getting so epically big #And I wanna know how it all fits together

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#Just add in the bit where I realise I need to actually go to work now! #And then the trying not to fall asleep at the desk at work!


#Just add in the bit where I realise I need to actually go to work now! #And then the trying not to fall asleep at the desk at work!

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"… no one else´s arms have made me feel this safe.” (THG)

"We manage the darkness as we did in the arena, wrapped in each other´s arms…” (CF)

"All the times these arms were my only refuge from the world.” (MJ)

So I was listening to this song, and it reminded me of some of my favourites quotes from the books.

It´s my first video ever! I hope you like it!

WOW! This song really fits Everlark very well.

And a great video too.

#Watching this #I just don’t get how people can NOT realise Katniss loves Peeta #That it was never Gale #And she never settled for Peeta #It was ALWAYS Peeta!

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The story of my personal and professional life.

LOL! This is such a gpoy!

I know it annoys a lot of the people I work with, but it really does bug me not correcting people’s mistake/telling them they’re wrong.

It’s not like I want to be mean, but it just feels wrong to not say/do anything - like I’m perpetuating the mistake!


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For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust first.

I love that quote, because trust really is such an important thing for Katniss. She never really trusts anyone, or likes to pretend she doesn’t. Yet you can see, reading between the lines, she does trust a few people.

And I find it really interesting how much she comes to trust Peeta - and so early on! She feels betrayed that he asked to do the interview practice seperately and I think it shows she already sees her and Peeta as a team, even if she never properly acknowledges it to herself.

So even though she spends a good proportion of the first games thinking Peeta wants to kill her, deeper down, she already has grown to trust him. And trust does not come easily to Katniss.

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Countries of Latin America

Very pretty again. South America is top of my list of places I want to go to. Especially the Amazon rainforest.

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Anonymous asked: Could u write a sifki fic where sif finds out Odin is actually loki in disguise? ^^

Hi Anon

Thanks for the promt. I’m always happy to get story prompts :-)

This is a great prompt and fits a story I’ve been planning for a while, so I’ll definitely write it as soon as I can.

Thor 2 has only made me ship Loki/Sif even more, so I’m sure I’ll be writing Loki/Sif fics for a long time to come.

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'Paddington' Trailer: The Little Bear in the Big Hat Finally Comes to the Screen →


He has traveled from the jungles of Peru and now he is making his way to the big screen… check out thePaddington Movie trailer, exclusively on Yahoo Movies!

The adventure begins 12.12.14!

This does look like a very cute film.

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